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Dealing with "If Only"

It is so easy to play the "if only" game.

If only I had this kind of income.

If only I had that type of house.

If only I lived in that city there would be more opportunity.

If only that wouldn’t have happened.

If only I could have met that person.

It may sound like those statements are completely rational and understandable. But I’d ask you to look at the list again. It’s fringes on the side of the “nothing good ever happens to me” type of thinking. To be honest, we all have some list of the if only. You’re not the only one. I have had some if only thoughts in my mind from time to time. There’s nothing completely wrong with acknowledging that there is a visible mountain in front of you. However; seeing the obstacle is one thing, but blaming it is an entirely different thing.

I doubt that there is anyone reading this that grew up in Buckingham Palace or was raised with everything at your fingertips. If by slim chance that is your story; what an honor it is to connect with you. In all seriousness, if we were the author of our own beginnings, we would all rewrite a few chapters or lines here and there.

Since we can’t control what has been, what about owning what is now and what can be. I know your situation may not have changed yet, and oftentimes you can’t control everything about it. But we can control how we view it, and our response to it. It may not be an ideal city, but what is the vision in the midst of unideal locations. It’s not the location that is blessed, but often the person in the location that is blessed. Take that vision or dream and start where you are. Maybe it’s time to move from if only street to I can do all things neighborhood.

The only "if only" today should be, if only I would believe that all things are possible.

Mark 9:23 (ESV)

All things are possible for one who believes.”


Lord, me and if only have gone has far as we can go. I’m ready to move forward. I choose to believe what you’ve shown me is possible from this day forward. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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