Growth Point Family,


Can you agree that this has been a year to remember? These past few months have challenged us all in various ways. What a perfect time to pray! As a church family we dedicate January and August as a time of prayer. We could have ended the year another way, but since the conception of Growth Point, we have started our year and the last half with a time of re-dedication, renewal, and leveling up. Though neither time is more sacred than the other, I  believe that God honors our efforts.

Our church wide theme for the year is still, Level Up. When I think of the term level up, it causes me to wonder if my view has been distorted. Have you ever had a distorted view of anything? Let me be the first to admit; I have. We all can be found guilty of this from time to time. That's why this time is so important. For 21 days, I encourage you to realign your thinking and vision around our daily assigned prayer focus. We will also have a time of prayer together LIVE on Facebook and YouTube on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 7am.

I encourage you to seek God intentionally. Monitor your social media intake, daily conversations, and take some time to journal what God speaks to your during this time. For almost 6 years together, we've seen miracles, life change, relationships restored, family added to our fellowship, and more. Yes, this has been a challenging year, but can you imagine what the rest of your 2020 will look like after 21 Days of seeking God together? Let's Level Up!


Keep Growing,

Pastor Mario

Day 1

August 2


Day 4

August 5


Day 7

August 8

Students & Educators

Day 10

August 11

Power in Our Church

Day 13

August 14

Families in Our Church

Day 16

August 17

Injustice in Our World

Day 19

August 20

Revival in Our Church & City

Day 2

August 3


Day 5

August 6

Racial Equality

Day 8

August 9

Local & National Healing

Day 11

August 12

Heart for Our Community & City

Day 14

August 15

Singles in Our Church

Day 17

August 18

Local & National Leaders

Day 20

August 21

Economic Resurgence in Business & Entreprenuers

Day 3

August 4


Day 6

August 7

Mental Health Challenges

Day 9

August 10

Salvation for Circle of Influence

Day 12

August 13


Day 15

August 16

Local & National Activities/Community Organizers

Day 18

August 19

Church Vision & Leadership

Day 21

August 22

Supernatural Release

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